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Heavy Networking 673: Multicast DNS Gone Wild On Your WLAN

Original Post Read More You know all those Apple and other IoT devices connected to your wireless network? Lots of them run apps that discover services on your network via multicast DNS (mDNS). All of that mDNS traffic can have a significant impact on your WLAN’s performance. On today’s Heavy

Day Two Cloud 189: The Cloud Network Engineer Career Path With Kam Agahian

Original Post Read More Today on Day Two Cloud we explore what it takes to transition from traditional networking to a career as a cloud network engineer. Guest Kam Agahian shares insights from his own career journey about what’s the same and what’s different between on-prem and cloud networking, what

Heavy Networking 672: Overcoming Your Imposter Syndrome

Original Post Read More Lots of folks suffer from impostor syndrome. Tech is complex–how could you know what you’re doing? And yet, many of us are responsible for incredibly complex IT systems. Fake it ‘til you make it, right? To handle the cognitive dissonance of impostor syndrome, we overcompensate. In