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Brews News Week #352 – Correct

Original Post Read More   This week, the team discuss the debate surrounding buy-now-pay-later options, ABAC’s review for 2022 and the upcoming GABS Hottest 100 Countdown. Buy-now-pay-later for alcohol “ethically questionable” ABAC review set for 2022 Jacob’s Creek fights for beer’s ‘share of throat’ at cricket Lion to sell Magic

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Azure Lighthouse – A service provider perspective

Original Post Read More Hello folks   I partnered with the product group and actual IT professionals outside of Microsoft to create a video series where we look at Azure Lighthouse and its benefits from a variety of different perspectives. Have you thought about how you can safely provide support

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Windows Server 2022 VM Migration

Original Post Read More Welcome to ‘From the RoK to the Cloud’. In this series, Tom Hall chats with some amazing people from around the Microsoft universe, about anything to do with Windows Server. In today’s episode, were joined by Pierre Roman from the Azure Engineering team to discuss VM

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Entries open for 2022 New World Beer & Cider Awards

Original Post Read More Content published under the media release byline is promotional content produced by the business(es) named in the media release and remains unedited by Brews News The New World Beer & Cider Awards is back, toasting the New Year with the launch of its 2022 search for the top

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Getting started with Azure Bicep

Original Post Read More As technology has evolved, so have the tools we can use to build (or rebuild!) standard, repeatable system configurations. I remember building my first Windows-based computer systems using an “answer file” to populate and bypass the “out of the box” configuration experience prompts – speeding up the

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What does “open” really mean to you?

Original Post Read More In the world we live in today, almost every announcement has the word “open” in it. Unfortunately, it feels like there are as many definitions of what “open” means as there are announcements mentioning it. Sometimes it means “we have documented our closed-source SDK from our

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