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Tech Bytes: NVIDIA BlueField And Project Monterey (Sponsored)

Original Post Read More On today’s Tech Bytes podcast, we talk Data Processing Units (DPUs) with sponsor NVIDIA. The context is VMware’s Project Monterey. Wes Kennedy, TME for BlueField at NVIDIA, is here to discuss how NVIDIA is partnering with VMware to enable offloads of applications such as NSX and

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How to change the user account for Windows Containers

Original Post Read More Containers in general are seen as a turnkey solution to run applications. Once the app has been finalized, you expect the container to run the same way regardless of the environment. However, just like any other platform, there are some important aspects that need to change

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Heavy Networking 642: 10Mbps Single Pair Ethernet

Original Post Read More Single pair Ethernet. That’s right. Ethernet over a single twisted pair, rather than the four you’re used to. Or two if you’ve got a little gray in your beard. Now, single pair Ethernet isn’t fast in the way we network engineers would normally think of fast.

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Armchair Architects: The role of Simplicity in Architecture

Original Post Read More What are the tradeoffs between robust functionality, flexibility, simplicity, and ease of operation? How do our Armchair Architects design solutions that start as high as they want and go as low as they need? Uli, Eric, and David discuss these questions and more in a recent

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Planning the Monitoring of my hybrid environment.

Original Post Read More Hello folks,   By now you may have read that I’ve rebuilt my demo environment to look like what a typical hybrid environment would look like.  I did it slowly without having to rip and replace everything in my on-prem environment.   Started out with establishing

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Day Two Cloud 158: On Leadership With Chris Wahl

Original Post Read More According to Chris Wahl, everyone in an organization can lead–not just those with “chief” or “manager” in their job title. Leadership isn’t about telling everyone else what to do. Not at all. Have a listen as Chris explains what it is to lead, and how you

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PsRule: Introduction to Infrastructure As Code (IAC) Testing

Original Post Read More Introduction   One of the fundamental ideas of DevOps is to combine the best practices from the infrastructure and development worlds, to learn from each other. This means applying the concept of testing to our Infrastructure As Code (Bicep, Arm, etc). However, it can sometimes be

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Azure Virtual Machines Automation – Deployment

Original Post Read More Welcome to this series where you will learn the various best practices for deploying Azure Virtual Machines and how to manage them at scale. To get started, we are going to take a look at various deployment options; how you scale this out from your initial

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