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Configure remote write to send data from ARO to Azure managed Prometheus using AAD authentication.

Original Post Read More This blog describes how to configure remote-write to send data from Prometheus running in your Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) cluster to Azure managed Prometheus using Azure Active Directory authentication. Then query and view the data via Azure managed Prometheus and Grafana.    Currently ARO doesn’t support Managed Identity, hence

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How to transform work with plugins for Microsoft 365 Copilot and AI apps

Original Post Read More With Microsoft 365 Copilot, people now have access to a next-gen AI assistant that can alleviate digital debt while boosting productivity, unleashing creativity, and freeing up time for more high-value work. At Build 2023, we announced the ability for developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to

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Demystifying Azure OpenAI Networking for Secure Chatbot Deployment

Original Post Read More Introduction Azure AI Landing Zones provide a solid foundation for deploying advanced AI technologies like OpenAI’s GPT-4 models. These environments are designed to support AI enthusiasts, but it’s essential to grasp their networking aspects, especially concerning Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings.   In this article,

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Example Reference Network Topologies for API Management in private mode.

Original Post Read More     The following suggested Network example topologies are thought to follow Vnet integration practices within the API management. Therefore, these revolve around API management in internal mode (Azure API Management with an Azure virtual network | Microsoft Learn). API Management in internal mode requires a Premium

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Deploy frontline dynamic teams is now available in public preview

Original Post Read More Customers who have successfully deploy Teams to their frontline workers follow a consistent pattern. They create a team for each frontline location and a channel for each department at that location. This consistent structure enables local collaboration across departments and access to frontline apps like Walkie-talkie,

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Taking the leap – Unleashing the power of Azure CLI

Original Post Read More In my previous article, I explained the benefits of Azure CLI and some methods to tailor it to your needs. In this article, I want to explore how to use Azure CLI efficiently to retrieve the data you want, in a quick and reliable manner. In

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