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Microsoft Purview data owner policy for storage

Original Post Read More Microsoft Purview Data owner policies enable users to manage access to different data systems via a central data governance platform Microsoft Purview. In this blog, we will introduce how to use Microsoft Purview to manage storage access.   Prerequisites Check Azure storage regions are available. Configure

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Network Break 409: Regulators Tap Brakes On Broadcom, VMware; Google Settles Location Tracking Charges For $392M

Original Post Read More This week’s Network Break podcast discusses UK and EU regulators wanting a closer look at Broadcom’s VMware acquisition, Google settling with 40 US states over location tracking charges, and the FCC publishing responses from the 15 biggest US mobile providers regarding customer geolocation data tracking, plus

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AKS Container Insights logging level and associated costs

Original Post Read More When migrating your services to AKS, you could potentially run into an issue, which has to do with logging levels and the volume of data that is being sent to Container Insights. This is especially true when you need to run hundreds or even thousands of

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Kubernetes Nginx Ingress Controller Logs

Original Post Read More By default, the Kubernetes Nginx Ingress Controller writes logs and traces to stdout / stderr. These logs and traces are stored in the ContainerLog table. You can navigate to an autogenerated query from inside the Container Insights blade from the Azure Portal. During an engagement, we

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Day Two Cloud 173: Istio Ambient Mesh Minimizes Sidecar Proxies

Original Post Read More Today on Day Two Cloud we examine Istio Ambient Mesh, a new option for building service meshes in a microservices environment. Istio Ambient Mesh essentially brings the concept of a load balancer to a cluster of containers. Rather than run a sidecar proxy for each pod

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Microsoft supports the DoD’s Zero Trust strategy

Original Post Read More The Department of Defense (DoD) released its formal Zero Trust strategy today, marking a major milestone in its goal of achieving enterprise-wide implementation by 2027. The strategy comes at a critical time as United States government networks continue to face nearly half the global nation-state attacks

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5 tips for IIS on containers: #4 Solving for Horizontal Scale

Original Post Read More Fourth up in this blog series!  Solving for Horizontal Scale with IIS and Containers.   Make sure to check out the other topics in the blog on SSL certificate lifecycle management, IIS app pools and websites and Hardcoded configurations   Azure Kubernetes Service Since each node on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is

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