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AzUpdate S04E11: Archive Blob, Microsoft Purview, Red Button and Grafana

Original Post Read More “Who run the world? Girls!”  Join me and Shannon Khuen and I take over Pierre’s AZUpdate broadcast.  In case you didn’t know, Shannon has a new role at Microsoft and will give us an update on all things Identity. We will be going over some recent

Enterprise Scale for Azure VMware Solution

Original Post Read More In this video, from the Azure VMware Solution digital event on March 23, 2022, learn from Sapna Jeswami, Technical Program Manager Microsoft and Prasad Gundham, Principal Program Manager Microsoft about automating onboarding of Azure VMware Solution in your environment.  You can follow along at   Azure Landing

Getting to know Azure Arc

Original Post Read More **I do want to state of course I’m an employee of Microsoft but links to any books or courses as part of my learning experience, I am not affiliated with.  I don’t have affiliate links I’m just sharing what I found useful starting out**   Majority

Azure Backup Monitoring and Alerting

Original Post Read More Hello Folks, If you’ve had to manage the backuprestore processes for your environment, you know how important keeping up with the status of said process.  No one wants to end up having to recover a VM from an incomplete/failed backup. To address this, the Azure Backup

Learn Live: Azure Hybrid Cloud Study Hall

Original Post Read More Join us for the new Azure Hybrid study hall series. This fourteen-party weekly series will answer your questions live, walk through how to configure, deploy, manage your hybrid cloud resources using services and hybrid cloud technologies, and walk-through Microsoft Learn modules focused on Azure Arc and

The top technical skills for the modern IT Pro

Original Post Read More There are many niche areas within infrastructure and security, but we find that most IT Pros have a very broad set of responsibilities, touching different products and tasks. If you’re working in a Microsoft-focussed environment, especially one that is using Azure, these are the tools and

Azure VMware Solution (AVS) for VMware Admins – Assessment and Migration

Original Post Read More Assessing your environment There are many tools you may or not be familiar with, depending on your background to, assess which workloads are eligible to migrate to Azure VMware Solution.  Microsoft offers Azure Migrate where you can download an OVA (open virtual appliance) file of the Azure