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Secure your application traffic with Application Gateway mTLS

Original Post Read More I am happy to share that Azure Application Gateway now supports mutual transport layer security (mTLS) and online certificate status protocol (OCSP). This was one of the key questions from our customers as they were looking for more secure communication options for the cloud workloads. Here,

Learn how Microsoft datacenter operations prepare for energy issues

Original Post Read More The war in Ukraine and the resultant shortage of natural gas has forced the European Union (EU) and European countries to proactively prepare for the possibility of more volatile energy supplies—both this winter and beyond. Microsoft is working with customers, governments, and other stakeholders throughout the

Microsoft sponsors OWASP ModSecurity CRS to improve application security

Original Post Read More This post was co-authored by Henry Yan, Product Marketing Manager. Increased cloud adoption and the shift to hybrid work has resulted in increased usage of digital assets. While moving web applications and APIs to the cloud provides many advantages for organizations, including transforming business models and

Start learning Azure today with new role-based skill guides

Original Post Read More It’s crucial to keep learning the latest cloud technology skills if you want to stay competitive in your field. Whether it’s a network at risk from an outside threat, data being improperly backed up, or a problem debugging an app, you’re on the front line of

Zero downtime migration for Azure Front Door—now in preview

Original Post Read More In March of this year, we announced the general availability of two new Azure Front Door tiers. Azure Front Door Standard and Premium is our native, modern cloud content-delivery network (CDN), catering to both dynamic and static content delivery acceleration with built-in turnkey security and a

Build a globally resilient architecture with Azure Load Balancer

Original Post Read More Azure Load Balancer’s global tier is a cloud-native global network load balancing solution. With cross-region Load Balancer, customers can distribute traffic across multiple Azure regions with ultra-low latency and high performance. To better understand the use case of Azure’s cross-region Load Balancer, let’s dive deeper into

Azure Virtual WAN simplifies networking needs

Original Post Read More Today we are excited to make announcements in multiple areas of Azure Virtual WAN (vWAN), networking as a service that brings networking, security, and routing functionalities together to provide a single operational interface. As enterprises increasingly adopt the cloud while reducing their costs, IT teams looking