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Simplify and centralize network security management with Azure Firewall Manager

Original Post Read More We are excited to share that Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) policy and Azure DDoS Protection plan management in Microsoft Azure Firewall Manager is now generally available. With an increasing need to secure cloud deployments through a Zero Trust approach, the ability to manage network security

Azure powers rapid deployment of private 4G and 5G networks

Original Post Read More As the cloud continues to expand into a ubiquitous and highly distributed fabric, a new breed of application is emerging: Modern Connected Applications. We define these new offerings as network-intelligent applications at the edge, powered by 5G, and enabled by programmable interfaces that give developer access

Learn what’s new in Azure Firewall

Original Post Read More This post was co-authored by Suren Jamiyanaa, Program Manager 2, Azure Networking. We continue to be amazed by the adoption, interest, positive feedback, and the breadth of use cases customers are finding for our service. Today, we are happy to share several key Azure Firewall capabilities

Improve outbound connectivity with Azure Virtual Network NAT

Original Post Read More For many customers, making outbound connections to the internet from their virtual networks is a fundamental requirement of their Azure solution architectures. Factors such as security, resiliency, and scalability are important to consider when designing how outbound connectivity will work for a given architecture. Luckily, Azure

How developers can benefit from the new 5G paradigm

Original Post Read More 5G is not an upgrade, it’s a new paradigm Fueled by the rapid expansion of the cloud, 5G is much more than a network upgrade—it will help create a new application paradigm and pave the way for the emergence of a new breed of network-intelligent applications

Announcing Azure DNS Private Resolver: Now in preview

Original Post Read More A quick overview of Azure DNS We offer two types of Azure DNS Zones—private and public—for hosting your private DNS and public DNS records. Azure Private DNS: Azure Private DNS provides a reliable and secure DNS service for your virtual network. Azure Private DNS manages and

Microsoft and AT&T demonstrate 5G-powered video analytics

Original Post Read More In November 2021, Microsoft and AT&T announced the launch of Azure public MEC (multi-access edge compute) with a site in Atlanta, Georgia. The Azure public MEC solution enables low-latency applications at the edge of the mobile operator’s network, providing Azure compute services integrated with 5G connectivity. Azure public

Streamline Azure workloads with ExpressRoute BGP community support

Original Post Read More In today’s globalized world, customers have started to maintain and expand their presence in the cloud across different geographic regions. With these increased deployments across Azure regions comes the increased complexity of customers’ hybrid networks. Establishing connectivity is no longer as simple as exchanging IP addresses