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API Management: enable request tracing from the server-side

Original Post Read More Introduction One of the most useful debug features of API Management is request tracing. The problem is: we need to reproduce the same client request with an extra header (Ocp-Apim-Trace) or tell the consumers to do so. What if we could just generate the traces from the

Azure Functions – Part 2 – Unit and Integration Testing

Original Post Read More Unit Testing Introduction   A unit test usually involves writing code to test a specific function or method, using input data and expected output data. The test code then executes the function or method with the input data, compares the resulting output to the expected output,

Azure Policy for Azure Container Apps? Yes, please.

Original Post Read More Azure Policy for Azure Container Apps This repository contains Azure Policy custom definitions for Azure Container Apps. Any contribution is more than welcome. You can find the policy definitions in this GitHub repository. Feel free to submit a pull request to add or update custom policy definitions.   Azure

Azure Data Factory CI/CD with GitHub Actions

Original Post Read More Azure Data Factory allows connecting to a Git repository for source control, partial saves, better collaboration among data engineers and better CI/CD. As of this writing, Azure Repos and GitHub are supported. To enable automated CI/CD, we can use Azure Pipelines or GitHub Actions.  In this

How to expose NGINX Ingress Controller via Azure Front Door and Azure Private Link Service

Original Post Read More This article shows how to use Azure Front Door Premium, Azure Web Application Firewall, and Azure Private Link Service (PLS) to securely expose and protect a workload running in Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS). The sample application is exposed via the NGINX Ingress Controller configured to use a private IP address as a frontend IP

Azure Functions – Part 1 – Hosting and Networking Options

Original Post Read More Azure Functions is a serverless computing platform that enables developers to build and run code without the need to worry about infrastructure. One key aspect of using Azure Functions is choosing the right hosting and networking options to support your application’s needs.   Choose the right

How to test Azure Front Door origins for valid HTTP range-request behavior

Original Post Read More Azure Front Door is upgrading its PoP node (point of presence) infrastructure to improve performance and resiliency. While most customers will not notice any changes to the way Front Door proxies HTTP(S) traffic, there are some differences. One of those is stricter implementation of the HTTP