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Armchair Architects: Architects vs. The Ivory Tower

Original Post Read More Welcome back to another episode of Armchair Architects. Have you ever heard people say that it’s like architects are in the ivory tower?   This may seem a bit controversial, but we’re going to talk about the roles and the relationships of architects themselves to the

OT Cloud Enablement – Azure Active Directory Tenant

Original Post Read More In our journey to help cloud enable Operational Technology (OT) environments, we have published the following articles: Extending Operational Technology to Azure OT Cloud Enablement – Cloud Adoption Models Today we are going a little deeper into what was discussed in the OT Cloud Enablement –

OT Cloud Enablement – Cloud Adoption Models

Original Post Read More Over the past few years, we have assisted mining and manufacturing organisations in adopting the cloud to stay competitive by utilising the latest cloud technologies. We have observed that some organisations prefer to follow a Segregated Model, where there is a requirement to separate the Operational

Armchair Architects: So, you want to build a platform…

Original Post Read More In this episode of the Azure Enablement Show, David Blank-Edelman talks to our Armchair Architects, Uli Homann and Eric Charran about what architects think about different platforms: What are the different kinds of platforms? When should you build one? What factors should be considered when designing

3 reasons to optimize your workloads with Azure Advisor.

Original Post Read More   As macro-economic uncertainty grows in today’s economy so do expectations to accelerate growth, drive revenue higher, and compete beyond the status quo. Early October, Azure launched a campaign to address this unprecedented situation by empowering businesses to “Do More with Less”. The campaign focuses on

Why you need a Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), and probably a WAF too!

Original Post Read More What are the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure (CAF) and the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework (WAF)? Both are best practice guidance around how to transform your organization to be cloud-centric (CAF) and how to build and manage cloud-hosted applications securely, cost-effectively, etc. (WAF).   But

Architecture: Software as a Service Databases – Single DB or DB per Client

Original Post Read More I have a varied client base. Many of my customers are traditional larger financial organizations. But I also work with start-ups and software houses. (Microsoft calls these ISVs – Independent Software Vendors).   Most software houses don’t want to sell software anymore. Instead, they want to

Managing Azure NetApp Files preview features with Terraform Cloud and AzAPI Provider

Original Post Read More Table of Contents   Abstract Introduction Scenario Azure NetApp Files backup preview enablement Managing Resource Providers in Terraform Terraform Configuration Terraform AzAPI and AzureRM Providers Declaring the Azure NetApp Files infrastructure Azure NetApp Files backup policy creation Assigning a backup policy to an Azure NetApp Files

Managing SQL Server 2022 T-SQL snapshot backup with Azure NetApp Files snapshots

Original Post Read More Table of Contents   Abstract Intended audience Overview SQL server backup and recovery Common SQL server BU/R challenges Azure NetApp Files storage-based snapshot technology SQL server 2022 snapshot technology SQL server snapshot backup and recovery workflow Backup command sequence Restoring and cloning SQL databases Summary Links