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Azure Cost Optimisation

Original Post Read More At Microsoft, I have delivered about 40+ Cost Optimisation Assessments as part of WAF for customers and I wanted to share some of the common cost savings that I offer to my customers based on real world experience.   I have broken this down in the

Terraform with Azure Cloud Shell & State file in Azure Storage

Original Post Read More Azure Cloud Shell automatically has the latest version of Terraform installed. Also, as Terraform is run from the cloud it automatically uses information from the current Azure subscription and you can securely save the Terraform state file in Azure Storage. Best of all, you can still

Terraform locally run from Windows with State file in Azure Storage

Original Post Read More Running Terraform locally in Windows along with the Azure CLI gives you a bit more flexibility in large corporates due to eliminating the need to connect to Azure Cloud Shell from VS Code, which in itself can be a challenge with things like conditional access which

Develop and test easily on AKS with NetApp® Astra Control Service® and Azure NetApp Files

Original Post Read More Table of Contents   Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Scenario Preparation Installation of sample application Manage WordPress application with ACS Enable application consistent snapshots Upgrade test Summary Additional Information    Abstract In this article, we describe how NetApp Astra Control® can simplify development & testing (dev

Why WAF: Driving Technical Excellence in Delivery for your Organization

Original Post Read More Reasons to adopt WAF as a key part of your overall technical delivery process.   This post provides a brief review of the Azure Well-Architected Framework and its cousin the Well-Architected Review and presents the case for adoption within your delivery organization. I will address this

High-performance storage for AI Model Training tasks using Azure ML studio with Azure NetApp Files

Original Post Read More Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Scenario Provision persistent storage in Azure Machine Learning studio with Azure NetApp Files Pre-requisites Note on Connectivity Preparing the working environment Azure Cloud Shell and Extensions Setting variables Deployment steps Provisioning of services Preparing repository Creating Azure Machine Learning studio resources

Armchair Architects: The role of Simplicity in Architecture

Original Post Read More What are the tradeoffs between robust functionality, flexibility, simplicity, and ease of operation? How do our Armchair Architects design solutions that start as high as they want and go as low as they need? Uli, Eric, and David discuss these questions and more in a recent

Day 2 of Your ALZ: Prioritizing Which Workloads to Deploy First

Original Post Read More You have your first Cloud Adoption Framework “Landing Zone” set up in the Azure cloud. Congratulations, your technical life will never be the same, and the sky is the limit to what you can now do. Having all the possibilities of the cloud, however, can be

Implementing Consumer Data Right (CDR) Solutions on Azure

Original Post Read More Introduction “Consumer Data Right”, or CDR, is an Australian Government initiative introduced in Nov 2017 to the Banking industry (aka “Open Banking”) and completed in Nov 2021.  Today CDR is being rolled-out within the Energy sector during 2022/2023, and then later the Telecommunications and Open Finance