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What’s new in Azure VMware Solution



Azure VMware Solution is now included as part of Azure Workload Acquisition & Nurture incentive program. Partners can take advantage of multiple benefits available under the program to drive Azure VMware Solution projects.
Azure VMware Landing Zone is now publically available. It is Microsoft’s prescriptive, opinionated and best-practices backed guidance for deploying and managing workloads running on Azure VMware solution.
VMworld 2021 event concluded on 7-Oct. Watch following on-demand sessions and hands-on labs specific to Azure VMware Solution.
Voices of VMworld: Satya Nadella, Microsoft Chairman and CEO and VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram 

 It’s soon possible to use Azure NetApp Files as NFS datastore for Azure VMware Solution. It’s a great option for using the same NetApp VSAN datastores as used in on-premise environments in Azure now.
It is possible now to do HCX migration over VPN and SD-SWAN. Customers can get an additional option besides Azure ExpressRoute for driving migrations.  
New enhancements, global expansion, partner integration are now available as documented here.




Run command is now available as public preview. Azure VMware Solution administrators can now perform 10+ administrative tasks straight from Azure portal.
New Azure VMware Solution content is published Partner Network. Some notable assets include
Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) – Thought Leadership eBook
Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) – Customer Presentation – L100
Top 5 Reasons to Migrate with Azure VMware Solution

Disaster recovery solution from JetStream is now available as a public preview. Customers now have additional option besides SRM and HCX based DR solutions.




Placement Policies for Azure VMware Solution is now available as a public preview. Customers can use them to co-locate VMs together or specific hosts and gain performance enhancement and resiliency.
Advanced Specialization Program is available for Azure VMware Specialization. Customers can be assured of the credibility of Partner driving Azure VMware Solution projects for them through this program.