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New Year, New Me?

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No chance, the same old me is still here. 2020 ended up being a rather crazy year for all of us I think, for me however it came with a few new opportunities, a few extra challenges, some great wins and a renewed sense of family and friends throughout the pandemic and it also threw in a change in employment!

As the new year rolls on and we start to get back into the swing of things we can always rely on our colleagues to come up with the perfect summaries, here was this mornings one from a colleague “2021 took one look at 2020 and said, “Hold my beer!””. I am assuming it was a craft beer of course.

So what is on the horizon for me in 2021? I’m looking into developing further with my skills in Microsoft Azure currently focusing on Data Engineering (not DBA) and expanding my knowledge, skills and experience with all the Azure Data platforms and services.

I’m also working on a few projects with customers that are consuming a wide range of other Azure services and features and are leveraging my knowledge within the traditional infrastructure world and modernising it to the world of cloud.

As I always do, I will promise to continue to post content which sometimes does not happen timely or often however this year I do plan on spending more time writing and getting some more technical and practical content onto my blog for you all to enjoy.

Stay safe and stay cool!