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Day Two Cloud 130: Getting Started With OpenShift For Kubernetes Orchestration

Original Post Read More On today’s Day Two Cloud we have a career conversation with Angela Andrews, a Solution Architect at Red Hat. Angela provides an introduction to OpenShift, a cloud-based offering for running and orchestrating Kubernetes containers in public clouds and on premises from Red Hat. We also discuss

Tech Bytes: Why Network Design Matters For Security Clouds (Sponsored)

Original Post Read More On today’s Tech Bytes podcast we’re talking security clouds; that is, cloud services that offer capabilities including firewalls, traffic inspection, Web gateways, and more. We explore why these clouds aren’t all the same, and why the architecture, including networking, makes a difference. Netskope is this episode’s

Day Two Cloud 129: Practical Advice On Optimizing Cloud Costs

Original Post Read More Optimizing cloud costs means more than looking at your bill and hunting down unused instances. It’s about understanding the full lifecycle of cloud workloads, dealing with management that wants predictable spending even as your actual usage varies, and setting up repeatable processes. Guests Fred Chagnon and

Heavy Networking 612: Cloud-Native Kubernetes Networking For CSPs (Sponsored)

Original Post Read More Heavy Networking explores big ideas around service provider and cloud provider network services in 2022, both how they collide and are complementary. Our sponsor is Juniper Networks. We also get an update on Juniper’s Contrail product, a software-defined networking platform that now includes native integration with

Tech Bytes: Embracing Policy-Driven Networks To Support Hybrid Work (Sponsored)

Original Post Read More Today on the Tech Byte podcast we discuss redefining networks and policy in today’s hybrid world–that is, a network that needs to be available anywhere, anytime, anyhow, and any way. Aruba is our sponsor and we’re joined by James Robertson, CTO Advisor and Technology Strategist in