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KU042: Kubernetes Long-Term Support With Kubernetes Co-Founder Brendan Burns

Original Post Read More As Kubernetes becomes more mainstream and overall “stable,” organizations need a way to get both enterprise support and proper upgrade paths. Brendan Burns, co-founder of Kubernetes, joins the show to discuss Kubernetes LTS—long-term support. The post KU042: Kubernetes Long-Term Support With Kubernetes Co-Founder Brendan Burns appeared

IPB140: IPv6 CLAT And IPv6-Only Networks

Original Post Read More Ed, Scott, and Tom discuss the Customer-Side Translator (CLAT) function and its role in enabling client connectivity in IPv6-only networks. The post IPB140: IPv6 CLAT And IPv6-Only Networks appeared first on Packet Pushers.

D2C222: What’s New In Azure Networking (Sponsored)

Original Post Read More Today’s Day Two Cloud discusses how Azure’s use of hollow core fiber will impact customers, building networks to support AI workloads, the general availability of Virtual Network Manager, routing improvements, a tech preview of IPAM in vNet Manager, updates around containers and security, and other network-related

HS059 Cognitive Load and Platforms

Original Post Read More As the host of this podcast, I had the pleasure of engaging in a fascinating discussion with our special guest, David Stengel, an IT professional with a unique perspective on the cognitive load of platforms in organizations. The Concept of Cognitive Load in Platforms Our conversation

HW016: How mDNS Can Kill Wi-Fi Performance And What To Do About It

Original Post Read More If you’re not paying attention to mDNS traffic, it might be hurting your Wi-Fi performance in a big way. Bryan Ward shares his research looking at the mDNS protocol on a higher ed network and its dramatic impact on Wi-Fi airtime. The post HW016: How mDNS

D2C221: KubeConversations Part 2 – Building Cloud Platforms

Original Post Read More Ned Bellavance continues his KubeCon conversations with Akamai about cloud-native design and its impact on cloud architecture, Acorn Labs about building a cloud platform, F5 about the networking side of platform engineering, and the startup Chkk about platform engineering and managing Kubernetes. The post D2C221: KubeConversations