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Heavy Networking 649: Cisco NSO 6.0 Boosts Performance, Improves Usability (Sponsored)

Original Post Read More On today’s sponsored Heavy Networking we dive into new features of Cisco’s Network Services Orchestrator, or NSO. NSO is a network orchestration platform for large enterprises and service providers that offers multi-vendor automation, configuration management, service creation, ongoing monitoring and upgrades, and more. The post Heavy

Day Two Cloud 165: Does Your Infrastructure Need Istio?

Original Post Read More On today’s Day Two Cloud we dive into Istio with Kevin Davin, a senior back end engineer who works deeply with Istio. We discuss Istio’s promises, balancing its complexity with the capabilities it enables, understanding when and when not to use it, and more. The post

Day Two Cloud 164: DevSecOps Is A Real Thing

Original Post Read More Today on the Day Two Cloud podcast, we talk DevSecOps and how it’s more than just a marketing term. We also discuss Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and IT as Code and what that actually means for operations folks. It doesn’t mean you have to write code

Day Two Cloud 163: Is The Tech Market Too Focused On Developers?

Original Post Read More Today on the Day Two Cloud podcast we have a frank discussion about tech marketing. Why? Because engineers are a target of marketing, so it’s helpful to know how marketing works, what’s trying to be communicated, and how it could be better. We also discuss whether