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Multiple Front Ends for the Same Scaleset

Original Post Read More I recently had a customer that was looking to consolidate two public services, with two public identities, on a single VM Scale Set while keeping distinct front-end IPs, allowing for cost efficiency on Azure resources while still giving front-end flexibility.   This post gets into some

Moving from LUIS to CLU in Bot Composer Projects

Original Post Read More As LUIS Language Understanding enters end-of-life, I’ve been getting some requests for guidance on how to smoothly migrate to the new CLU (Conversational Language Understanding), the spiritual successor to LUIS and part of the new Azure Cognitive Service for Language product.   While this might seem

Feature engineering and Machine Learning with IoT data

Original Post Read More Introduction   With the latest advances in ML, a lot of classification and regression problems can be solved with very little effort. Just feed the data to an algorithm (or multiple algorithms in parallel using AutoML), wait for training, and pick the best model. But IoT

Empowering ISVs to build and sell with the Microsoft Cloud

Original Post Read More Today, we are hosting our first-ever Marketplace Summit and giving every ISV and software as a service (SaaS) provider a virtual front-row seat to learn how to maximize marketplace opportunity and do more with less. While we enter uncertain economic times, cloud budgets remain durable and

Scale Azure Container Apps Using KEDA Integration

Original Post Read More In order to set up this KEDA integration, below are the steps you will accomplish as you go through this blog: Create a storage account and retrieve and save the connection string, this will be used in a later step. Create a queue called ‘test-queue’ in

Choose the right Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory or Synapse Analytics

Original Post Read More The Integration Runtime (IR) is the compute powering activities in Azure Data Factory (ADF) or Synapse Pipelines. There are a few types of Integration Runtimes: Azure Integration Runtime – serverless compute that supports Data Flow, Copy and External transformation activities (i.e., activities that are being executed

3 reasons to optimize your workloads with Azure Advisor.

Original Post Read More   As macro-economic uncertainty grows in today’s economy so do expectations to accelerate growth, drive revenue higher, and compete beyond the status quo. Early October, Azure launched a campaign to address this unprecedented situation by empowering businesses to “Do More with Less”. The campaign focuses on

Modern Work Superheroes | Change Management News You Can Use

Original Post Read More Let’s face it—we spend a lot of time in meetings and most of them aren’t very engaging.   How can we ensure that folks are consistently engaged in what can be something remedial when it hits 3 PM, and we’re still running from meeting to meeting?

5 tips for IIS on containers: #2 IIS App Pools and Websites

Original Post Read More The next topic in this series is IIS App Pools and Websites. Vinicius and I discuss the challenges with managing multiple application pools and how to address them with containers at our Microsoft Ignite Talk.   Scaling up an IIS app pool brings challenges because perhaps you

Improve your energy and carbon efficiency with Azure sustainability guidance

Original Post Read More This week at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, we’re collectively focused on how to measure progress, build markets, and empower people across the globe to deliver a just, sustainable future for everyone on the planet. It’s