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Azure Firewall: New Monitoring and Logging Updates

Original Post Read More Contributors: Eliran Azulai and Yuval Pery   Monitoring, management, and innovation are core pillars of Azure Firewall. With this in mind, we are delighted to share the following new capabilities:     Resource Health is now in public preview Embedded Firewall Workbooks is now in public preview

Wired for Hybrid – What’s New in Azure Networking – July 2023 Edition

Original Post Read More Hello Folks,   Azure Networking is the foundation of your infrastructure in Azure. Each month we bring you an update on What’s new in Azure Networking.   In this blog post, we’ll cover what’s new with Azure Networking in June 2023.  In this blog post, we will cover

Azure DNS Private Resolver topologies

Original Post Read More Introduction   Before diving into Azure DNS Private Resolver (ADPR), let’s go back in time a little bit, to understand its value. Before ADPR, companies that had to deal with hybrid DNS resolution, had to host custom DNS servers in Azure. They were mostly hosting at

Video Transcription using Azure Speech and MoviePy

Original Post Read More Video Transcription using Azure Speech and MoviePy     Video content is becoming more prevalent than ever before. However, extracting valuable information from videos can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s where Azure Speech, a powerful service provided by Azure AI Services, comes into play. Azure Speech

What’s new in Microsoft Shifts Notifications

Original Post Read More In response to valuable feedback from our customers, we embarked on a mission to significantly improve the way notifications are handled within our system. Our users highlighted concerns regarding noisy and irrelevant notifications that lacked the necessary controls, leaving them uninformed about shift details and needlessly

Metadata Driven Pipelines for Microsoft Fabric

Original Post Read More Metadata-driven pipelines in Azure Data Factory, Synapse Pipelines, and now, Microsoft Fabric, give you the capability to ingest and transform data with less code, reduced maintenance and greater scalability than writing code or pipelines for every data source that needs to be ingested and transformed. The

Empowering AI: Building and Deploying Azure AI Landing Zones with Terraform

Original Post Read More To harness the true potential of AI technologies, like GPT-4, a robust and efficient infrastructure is crucial. Azure Landing Zones provide a structured approach to create a rock-solid cloud environment, while Azure OpenAI Service seamlessly handles AI model deployment and management.   Enter Terraform—an Infrastructure as