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How much would a Bot cost?

Original Post Read More Show me the money!   You have a use case which a Bot can easily fulfil. You now ask your team how much it would cost. You are unable to get a straight answer.   What is the Bot Cost Structure   There are three cost

Azure Container Apps Networking: A condensed view of concepts

Original Post Read More     The purpose of this post is to provide a condensed, more chronologically ordered view into the various networking concepts and components that need to be taken into account when deploying Azure Container Apps (ACA). By presenting and meshing the concepts of Vnet integration, public

Azure Synapse Compatibility Checks

Original Post Read More Introduction Are you thinking to migrate to Synapse? Did you know that Synapse does not support all SQL features but aren’t certain about which ones apply to you? Looking to build a large database but aren’t sure of what engine to use? If you answered Yes

How to use the Additional Sources in Map Data tool within Azure Synapse Analytics

Original Post Read More The Database Templates feature in Azure Synapse Analytics helps organizations create data models based off existing industry focused templates. After creation of the Lake Database (using a chosen database template), the Map Data tool can be used to map attributes between source and destination. This will create

Can I create an Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster in Terraform? Yes, you can!

Original Post Read More This article shows how to deploy an Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster using Terraform with the AzAPI Provider. You can find the code of this sample along with Terraform modules under this Azure Sample.   What is Azure Red Hat OpenShift? Azure Red Hat OpenShift builds on top

Unified Azure Firewall and Flow Log analysis

Original Post Read More As you might already know, there are a couple of ways of filtering traffic in Azure Virtual Networks: Network Security Groups (NSGs) and Azure Firewall. NSGs offer unlimited performance for Layer 4 filtering, while Azure Firewall is more powerful with features like deep packet inspection or application-level intelligence.  

Azure AD B2C: User Journey Time Out through Custom Policy

Original Post Read More In the scenario I refer to this blog, Customer would like to have the session timeout at a particular step during Sign-up flow rather than having it at the end of the flow. This Customer uses Azure AD B2C as the identity platform for their application

How To Convert CSV File Into Array Of JSONs In ADF

Original Post Read More IntroductionAzure Data Factory is good for data transformation, in this blog we will discuss how to convert CSV file into Json and explain about the aggregate activity. Main IdeaIn ADF, a JSON is a complex data type, we want to build an array that consists of