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Introducing the Microsoft Teams Shared Device License

Original Post Read More As organizations shift towards hybrid working models, the way we utilize the office has transformed. Many employees no longer commute five times a week to work at the same desk. This increased flexibility and opportunity of working where we want has introduced the need for technology

Predicting Stock Price using Azure Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) in few clicks

Original Post Read More In a typical machine learning process, we first go through data featurization activities, including missing and imbalanced data handling exercises. We then select an appropriate algorithm to handle the business problems we are trying to solve through the machine learning model, followed by a hyper parameter

Mapping Google Cloud IAM concepts to similar ones in Azure

Original Post Read More In this article, I try to create a short mapping of key Google Cloud IAM (Identity and Access Management) concepts to similar ones in Microsoft Azure.   If you see things that are wrong or incomplete, please leave a comment with what I should fix. For a more general Google

ARM Deployment considerations for Azure Data Factory

Original Post Read More Some of the main goals for adopting DevOps culture in our organization are the reduction of failures in new deployments, be able to update our solutions frequently, improving deployments time, among others. Implementing DevOps processes into your Team requires trust and responsibility, because as Uncle Ben

How much would a Bot cost?

Original Post Read More Show me the money!   You have a use case which a Bot can easily fulfil. You now ask your team how much it would cost. You are unable to get a straight answer.   What is the Bot Cost Structure   There are three cost

Azure Container Apps Networking: A condensed view of concepts

Original Post Read More     The purpose of this post is to provide a condensed, more chronologically ordered view into the various networking concepts and components that need to be taken into account when deploying Azure Container Apps (ACA). By presenting and meshing the concepts of Vnet integration, public

Azure Synapse Compatibility Checks

Original Post Read More Introduction Are you thinking to migrate to Synapse? Did you know that Synapse does not support all SQL features but aren’t certain about which ones apply to you? Looking to build a large database but aren’t sure of what engine to use? If you answered Yes