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Azure Policies for Automating Azure Governance – Automating Policies

Original Post Read More In my earlier Azure Policy post, I covered issues and concerns organizations may face and how many built in Azure policies can address these problems.  Now we are going to take it a step further and discuss how to enforce policies and automate their creation.  Policies applied

Four habits from the Microsoft Teams team to boost productivity

Original Post Read More As work becomes more flexible, the lines between work and life are increasingly blurred. With the fresh energy that often comes with the arrival of a new year, it is a great time to explore new ways to experience the upsides that come with new work

Integrating Azure Front Door WAF with Azure Container Apps

Original Post Read More Many customers require Web Applications & APIs to only be accessible via a private IP address with a Web Application Firewall on the internet edge, to protect from common exploits and vulnerabilities. Azure Front Door provides global routing and WAF capabilities to satisfy this requirement.   Azure

Creating Azure Monitor alerts for Cosmos (and other databases) queries

Original Post Read More Introduction Did you ever find yourself in the situation where getting alerted to something happening inside your CosmosDB database would be useful? I’m talking about using raw SQL queries. For example, you would like to get an Azure Monitor alert if a query like “SELECT *

Delivering new webinar experiences with Microsoft Teams

Original Post Read More As economic conditions continue to be uncertain and hybrid poses a unique challenge to keep people connected, organizations everywhere are asking the question “How can we do more with less?” and are looking to optimize and consolidate for cost savings and efficiencies while accelerating growth –

The Parent Tag: cm-resource-parent for Azure Cost Management

Original Post Read More No, not the 1968 movie starring Haley Mills or the 1998 movie with Lindsay Lohan (depending on your vintage) – the parent tag is a new way to group related Microsoft Azure resources in Microsoft Cost Management + Billing. But wait, can’t you already combine resource

Why choose Microsoft Dev Box?

Original Post Read More Bottleneck to agility Many developers are still constrained by the tools they use to perform their day-to-day work due to the complex setup that they require or to the lack of scalability that they provide.   For example, when onboarding a developer to a new project,

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | January 2023

Original Post Read More Welcome to the “What’s New” blog for January 2023. We are excited to share the latest enhancements made for meetings and webinar experiences. We love seeing the updates to whiteboard capabilities because this allows more collaboration experiences while both in or out of the office. And

Automating Azure Workbook Queries with Azure Logic Apps

Original Post Read More Azure Workbooks is a powerful tool for data visualization and analysis. By integrating with Azure Logic Apps, you can automate your workbook queries and receive the results via email or other platforms. In this blog, we’ll show you how to use Azure Logic Apps to send