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Azure Object Anchors Retirement

Please note that Azure Object Anchors (AOA) will be retired on May 20, 2024. Object anchoring capability is generally available (GA) in Dynamics 365 Guides.

Simplified management of Listeners TLS certificates

Original Post Read More   One of the key features of Azure Application Gateway is TLS termination. Terminating TLS (HTTPS traffic) on the application gateway resource, which acts as a reverse proxy, allows you to relieve the TLS computation from the backend servers. Beyond that, its application delivery features let

Integrate private access to your Azure Open AI Chatbot

Original Post Read More Do you want to create your own private (non-Internet exposed) chatbot using Azure Open AI (AOAI) services with your company-specific data?  In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps to integrate the solution into your Azure environment and secure from public exposure. Figure