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Azure VMware Solution – Monitoring Quickstart Guide

Original Post Read More Learn how easy it is to quickly set up some basic alerting and monitoring in your Azure VMware Solution environment.   In this video, I utilize the GitHub repository provided by Microsoft AVS experts available at Enterprise Scale for AVS   Setting up Alerts for Azure VMware Solution

Wired for Hybrid – Deep Dive 1 – Azure AD introduces support for IPV6

Original Post Read More Hello Folks,   Microsoft introduced support for IPv6 in our operating systems starting with Windows XP Service Pack 1 in 2002. However, it wasn’t until Windows Vista in 2006 that Microsoft offered full support for IPv6.   In 2011, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) allocated

How To Easily Generate Terraform or Bicep Files

Original Post Read More When starting out with anything new, the key is how to get started quickly. Sometimes even knowing where to start can be difficult. For those of you working, or wanting to work with Terraform, I would like to introduce you to NubesGen. The capability to generate

Azure Policies for Automating Azure Governance – Automating Policies

Original Post Read More In my earlier Azure Policy post, I covered issues and concerns organizations may face and how many built in Azure policies can address these problems.  Now we are going to take it a step further and discuss how to enforce policies and automate their creation.  Policies applied

The Parent Tag: cm-resource-parent for Azure Cost Management

Original Post Read More No, not the 1968 movie starring Haley Mills or the 1998 movie with Lindsay Lohan (depending on your vintage) – the parent tag is a new way to group related Microsoft Azure resources in Microsoft Cost Management + Billing. But wait, can’t you already combine resource

Azure Policies for Automating Azure Governance – Choosing Policies

Original Post Read More   Time and time again, many people get that go ahead for cloud but don’t want to unleash everyone into the environment.  This is with good understanding.  Without policies and governance in place, cloud spend can go unmonitored or resources deployed not following your company’s standards. Getting

What’s New in Azure Networking – January 2023 edition

Original Post Read More What’s New in Azure Networking – January 2023   Hello Folks,     As @Michael mentioned last month Azure Networking is the foundation of your infrastructure in Azure. So, we’re happy to bring you a monthly update on What’s new in Azure Networking.   In this blog post,

How to use Get-Credential with Windows containers

Original Post Read More The idea on this blog post came from an issue opened by an user on the Windows Containers GitHub Repo. I thought the problem faced by the user should be common enough that others might be interested in a solution.   Get-Credential cmdlet pop-up If you