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How IT and security teams can work together to improve endpoint security

Original Post Read More For executives in the IT and security spaces, the current climate offers reasons to worry. As workers become accustomed to new flexibility in the workplace, hybrid and remote work options present more challenges. Users want to access corporate resources from their own devices without the inconvenience

How to improve risk management using Zero Trust architecture

Original Post Read More “Compliance is all about risk management and lessening risk, and the same is true of Zero Trust.” —Abbas Kudrati What’s risk management and why is it important? Risk management, the process of developing a strategy for addressing risk throughout its lifecycle, normally involves four phases: risk

Discover the anatomy of an external cyberattack surface with new RiskIQ report

Original Post Read More The internet is now part of the network. That might sound like hyperbole, but the massive shift to hybrid and remote work and a multicloud environment means security teams must now defend their entire online ecosystem. Recent ransomware attacks against internet-facing systems have served as a

A clearer lens on Zero Trust security strategy: Part 1

Original Post Read More Today’s world is flooded with definitions and perspectives on Zero Trust, so we are kicking off a blog series to bring clarity to what Zero Trust is and what it means. This first blog will draw on the past, present, and future to bring a clear

Learn the latest cybersecurity techniques at the Microsoft Security Summit

Original Post Read More In a world marked by change and uncertainty, innovation is more than a nice-to-have—it’s vital to any healthy organization. But fearless innovation becomes impossible when gaps in security can put those ideas at risk. Many organizations try to increase their defenses by piecing together a patchwork

A Leader in multiple Zero Trust security categories: Industry analysts weigh in

Original Post Read More The massive shift toward remote and hybrid work over the last two years has prompted many security professionals to reassess where siloed security may create vulnerabilities.1 For that reason, Zero Trust has become the gold standard for enterprise security. An effective Zero Trust approach requires comprehensive

The federal Zero Trust strategy and Microsoft’s deployment guidance for all

Original Post Read More You’d be forgiven for missing the White House announcement on federal Zero Trust strategy on January 26, 2022.1 After all, on that day alone a Supreme Court Justice announced his intention to retire, the Federal Reserve announced its plan to raise interest rates, and the State

US Government sets forth Zero Trust architecture strategy and requirements

Original Post Read More To help protect the United States from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, the White House issued Executive Order (EO) 14028 on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, which requires US Federal Government organizations to take action to strengthen national cybersecurity.1 Section 3 of EO 14028 specifically calls for federal

4 best practices to implement a comprehensive Zero Trust security approach

Original Post Read More Today’s threat actors don’t see barriers, they see opportunities. As the old firewalls protecting the corporate network become obsolete amid the rush to adopt a hybrid workspace, implementing Zero Trust security has become an imperative across all sectors, both public and private. During this time of