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RISE with SAP on the Microsoft Cloud: A year in review

Original Post Read More Today, we are announcing that Microsoft and SAP are advancing our partnership by deepening our commitment to each other’s platform. Microsoft will be the first public cloud provider to adopt the RISE with SAP solution internally to transform some of its large SAP ERP deployments. This

Learn how Microsoft Circular Centers are scaling cloud supply chain sustainability

Original Post Read More Aiming at delivering the most sustainable, scalable, and reliable cloud for Azure customers, continued innovation in cloud hardware is a constant priority for Microsoft. This extends beyond server architecture and rack design to include intelligent provisioning, deployment, and ultimately, decommissioning of cloud computing hardware in datacenters.

Scaling cloud solutions to new heights with Microsoft’s partner ecosystem

Original Post Read More Companies building cloud solutions (such as independent software vendors (ISVs), SaaS providers, app builders, and more)—have never been more important to the world today. With the continued acceleration of digital transformation, every organization, small or large, in every industry across the globe, will require cloud infrastructure

Join Microsoft Azure at NVIDIA GTC developer conference 2022

Original Post Read More The convergence of HPC+AI has opened new pathways for companies and developers worldwide to develop innovative, transformative applications. While this presents a plethora of new business opportunities in fields like academic research, climate modeling, and energy sustainability, they also push the boundaries of compute, data, and

Introducing dynamic lineage extraction from Azure SQL Databases in Azure Purview

Original Post Read More Data citizens including both technical and business users rely on data lineage for root cause analysis, impact analysis, data quality tracing, and other data governance applications. In the current data landscape, where data is fluidly moving across locations (on-premises to and across clouds) and across data