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App Service Hybrid connections: is it fast enough?

Original Post Read More App Service Hybrid connection offers a quick and uncomplicated way to reach your on-premises services in scenarios where there aren’t other networking solutions like VPN or ExpressRoute available. Normally, you don’t even need to open any firewall ports in your on-premises environments because it only requires outbound

Use Azure AD Workload Identity for Kubernetes with a User-Assigned Managed Identity

Original Post Read More This article and the companion Azure code sample show how to use Azure AD workload identity for Kubernetes in a .NET Standard application running on Azure Kubernetes Service. It leverages the public preview capability of Azure AD workload identity federation and a user-assigned managed identity. Azure AD Workload Identity for Kubernetes Today Azure Kubernetes

Azure AD B2C: User Journey Time Out through Custom Policy

Original Post Read More In the scenario I refer to this blog, Customer would like to have the session timeout at a particular step during Sign-up flow rather than having it at the end of the flow. This Customer uses Azure AD B2C as the identity platform for their application

Scale Azure Container Apps Using KEDA Integration

Original Post Read More In order to set up this KEDA integration, below are the steps you will accomplish as you go through this blog: Create a storage account and retrieve and save the connection string, this will be used in a later step. Create a queue called ‘test-queue’ in

Choose the right Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory or Synapse Analytics

Original Post Read More The Integration Runtime (IR) is the compute powering activities in Azure Data Factory (ADF) or Synapse Pipelines. There are a few types of Integration Runtimes: Azure Integration Runtime – serverless compute that supports Data Flow, Copy and External transformation activities (i.e., activities that are being executed