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Empowering Accessibility: Language and Audio Document Translation Made Simple with Low-Code/No-Code

Original Post Read More This solution architecture proposal outlines how to effectively utilize OpenAI’s language model alongside Azure Cognitive Services to create a user-friendly and inclusive solution for document translation. By leveraging OpenAI’s advanced language capabilities and integrating them with Azure Cognitive Services, we can accommodate diverse language preferences and

Armchair Architects: Value of Curiosity in Architecture

Original Post Read More Welcome back to Armchair Architects as part of the Azure Enablement Show. Today we will be discussing the role of curiosity in being an architecture. Our hosts will be David Blank-Edelman and our armchair architects Uli Homann and Eric Charran.   Eric suggests that there is

How to run PowerShell scripts on Azure VMs with Terraform

Original Post Read More The other day I published a comprehensive blog post about deploying gMSA on AKS with Terraform. As part of that blog post, I deployed an Azure VM and ran a script on it to deploy Active Directory Domain Services. Today, I wanted to explore that portion

Microsoft Build – Sessions for IT Pros

Original Post Read More If the latest in code and application development is not your focus area of technology, you might be tempted to give the Microsoft Build conference a miss this week. But if you manage infrastructure & cloud resources, play with low-code/no-code apps or support teams of developers,

Achieving Distributed High Availability: Stack HCI and AKS Hybrid

Original Post Read More Azure Stack HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) is a virtualisation host that runs on-premise on validated partner hardware. AKS Hybrid is an on-premise implementation of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) orchestrator which automates running containerised applications at scale and runs on the Stack HCI platform. Together they provide a

How to Perform Manual Failover of an Azure SQL Database

Original Post Read More Introduction: If you’re managing an Azure SQL database and encounter an issue where the database becomes unresponsive, you must find a solution that will help you restore the service. In this article you will learn how to perform a manual failover to restore service as part

Armchair Architects: Concentration Risk

Original Post Read More Welcome back to Armchair Architects as part of the Azure Enablement Show. Today we will be discussing the term concentration risk, which means concentrating your solution on one technology and how to avoid what one architect terms ‘silly miracles’. Our hosts will be David Blank-Edelman and