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Connect with the Modern Infrastructure team at Microsoft Ignite 2022

Original Post Read More I’m drafting this offline at 35,000 feet, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. After more than 2.5 years since my last international flight, I’m heading to Seattle for Microsoft Ignite. I feel out of practice! But many little travel things are comforting in their familiarity. So, with

Scalable management of virtualized RAN with Kubernetes

Original Post Read More Among the many important reasons why telecommunication companies should be attracted to Microsoft Azure are our network and system management tools. Azure has invested many intellectual and engineering cycles in the development of a sophisticated, robust framework that manages millions of servers and several hundred thousand

Strengthen your security with Policy Analytics for Azure Firewall

Original Post Read More This blog was co-authored by Gopikrishna Kannan, Principal Program Manager, Azure Networking. Network security policies are constantly evolving to keep pace with the demands of workloads. With the acceleration of workloads to the cloud, network security policies—Azure Firewall policies in particular—are frequently changing and often updated

Ensure zone resilient outbound connectivity with NAT gateway

Original Post Read More Our customers—across all industries—have a critical need for highly available and resilient cloud frameworks to ensure business continuity and adaptability of ever-growing workloads. One way that customers can achieve resilient and reliable infrastructures in Microsoft Azure (for outbound connectivity) is by setting up their deployments across

Cost Management updates—September 2022

Original Post Read More Whether you’re a new student, a thriving startup, or the largest enterprise, you have financial constraints, and you need to know what you’re spending, where, and how to plan for the future. Nobody wants a surprise when it comes to the bill, and this is where Microsoft

New Azure for Operators solution accelerator offers a fast path to network insights

Original Post Read More 5G marks an inflection point for operators. The disaggregation of software and hardware in 5G enables operators to move telecommunication workloads to public or hybrid public/private cloud infrastructures, giving them unprecedented agility and flexibility to deliver exceptional customer experiences and realize cost efficiencies. However, the full

Azure Cost Optimisation

Original Post Read More At Microsoft, I have delivered about 40+ Cost Optimisation Assessments as part of WAF for customers and I wanted to share some of the common cost savings that I offer to my customers based on real world experience.   I have broken this down in the

Terraform with Azure Cloud Shell & State file in Azure Storage

Original Post Read More Azure Cloud Shell automatically has the latest version of Terraform installed. Also, as Terraform is run from the cloud it automatically uses information from the current Azure subscription and you can securely save the Terraform state file in Azure Storage. Best of all, you can still

Terraform locally run from Windows with State file in Azure Storage

Original Post Read More Running Terraform locally in Windows along with the Azure CLI gives you a bit more flexibility in large corporates due to eliminating the need to connect to Azure Cloud Shell from VS Code, which in itself can be a challenge with things like conditional access which