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Monitor and troubleshoot Azure & hybrid networks with Azure Network Monitoring

Original Post Read More As customers bring sophisticated, high-performance workloads into Azure, there is a critical need for increased visibility and control over the operational state of complex networks running these workloads. Multi-cloud and hybrid network environments power new demands of remote work, 5G/Edge connectivity, microservices based workloads and increased

Designing and Implementing Modern Data Architecture on Azure Cloud.

Original Post Read More I just completed work on the digital transformation, design, development, and delivery of a cloud native data solution for one of the biggest professional sports organizations in north America.   In this post, I want to share some thoughts on the selected architecture and why we

Heavy Networking 664: Semantic Networking – Science Project Or Networking’s Future?

Original Post Read More Today’s Heavy Networking is a forward-looking episode about semantic networking. Semantic networking aims to make decisions on how to route packets based on more than just the destination address and give network operators more routing choices based on considerations such as bandwidth, cost, performance, application type,

Azure Policies for Automating Azure Governance – Automating Policies

Original Post Read More In my earlier Azure Policy post, I covered issues and concerns organizations may face and how many built in Azure policies can address these problems.  Now we are going to take it a step further and discuss how to enforce policies and automate their creation.  Policies applied

Four habits from the Microsoft Teams team to boost productivity

Original Post Read More As work becomes more flexible, the lines between work and life are increasingly blurred. With the fresh energy that often comes with the arrival of a new year, it is a great time to explore new ways to experience the upsides that come with new work

Integrating Azure Front Door WAF with Azure Container Apps

Original Post Read More Many customers require Web Applications & APIs to only be accessible via a private IP address with a Web Application Firewall on the internet edge, to protect from common exploits and vulnerabilities. Azure Front Door provides global routing and WAF capabilities to satisfy this requirement.   Azure