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Day: December 8, 2021

Brews News Week #348 – Beer of the Week

Original Post Read More   This week, the team discuss the IBA’s announcement of corrections for the Indies, Heaps Normal raising $8.5 million and Bridge Road’s new employee ownership scheme. IBA announces corrections to Indies trophies Heaps Normal raises $8.5m Bridge Road launches employee ownership scheme Prancing Pony focuses on

Day Two Cloud 127: Avoiding Infrastructure As Code (IaC) Pitfalls

Original Post Read More There are a lot of good things you can do with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for automation, repeatability, and ease of operations and development. But there are also code and infrastructure pitfalls where you can tumble into a hole, break your leg, and get eaten by

Windows Server 2022 SMS and SMB

Original Post Read More Welcome to  ‘From the RoK to the Cloud’. In this series, Tom Hall chats with some amazing people from around the Microsoft universe, about anything to do with Windows Server.   Today where joined by Ned Pyle to discuss SMS & SMB, what file service scenarios

Expand hybrid management tools with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure

Original Post Read More Organizations are looking to accelerate innovation through improved IT operations, better platform resiliency, and a unified hybrid cloud control plane. For Red Hat and Azure customers, we’re now expanding the set of Red Hat management tools that run on Azure with the launch of the Red