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Day: September 29, 2021

Defend against zero-day exploits with Microsoft Defender Application Guard

Zero-day security vulnerabilities—known to hackers, but unknown to software creators, security researchers, and the public—are like gold to attackers. With zero-days, or even zero-hours, developers have no time to patch the code, giving hackers enough access and time to explore and map internal networks, exfiltrate valuable data, and find other

Standardize DevOps practices across hybrid and multicloud environments

In this video, I had the chance to speak with Jason Hansen (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft) about how you can use Azure Arc to standardize DevOps practices across hybrid and multicloud environments.     Configurations and GitOps with Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes In relation to Kubernetes, GitOps is the practice of declaring

Brewery Radar: September 2021

The Bintani Brewery Radar keeps the brewing industry up to date with the progress of planned breweries and brewpubs in Australia, where they are in their development process, the installation of brewhouses and proposed opening dates. This month, breweries begin to finalise approvals and opening dates as lockdown restrictions begin to